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About Us      

SMS marketing is one of the important marketing methods for promoting or branding your business. FMSMS offers low-cost SMS marketing service in Bangladesh. FMSMS offers best affordable Bulk SMS price in Bangladesh. Bulk SMS marketing is the fruitful method to build a relationship with customers. Our SMS service is comparatively then the other SMS service provider in Bangladesh.

FMSMS providers of Bulk SMS Services Provide in Bangladesh. We cover all operators in Bangladesh to provide you with a reliable, high speed and high quality Bulk SMS service, allowing you to enlarge your business exponentially on a single platform.

Be it the service, the prices, delivery speed, support system, or the user interface, everything is just flawless and designed keeping in mind all types of customer requirements. You don't need to look for other bulk SMS provider to satiate your varied marketing needs as FMSMS covers Masking SMS, Nonmasking SMS & Voice message with all the services, including transactional SMS, promotional SMS, and OTP SMS. We're services businesses for years and we've been regularly updating the technology and integrating required features in our bulk SMS solution and, we'll keep going like this helping the businesses to increase their revenue and achieve success on the go.


We have Masking and Non-masking BULK SMS service with API, OTP & Data service.

Voice Message

You can send your Voice message to your client for marketing, notification, alert & vote etc.

Data Service

We have categorized database like, club, association, businessman, guardian etc.


Coming soon Software, Apps, Logo & Banner Design, Website development etc.

Type of sale (Bulk SMS)

Client base SMS

Client base SMS service is client can send sms own marketing, notification etc.

Re-seller base SMS

Re-seller base sms service is re-seller can send own marketing purpose and can sale.

A little bio

We started Our Company in September 2011, we are a part of FMTECH (IT Enable Solutions Provider). Since then we proved as 100% customer satisfactory service provide. Not just as a service provider but as a digital personal assistant our support system assists each and every client. Our Positive Points: A passionate team with incompromising network result is 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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