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FMSMS was designed to support an unlimited number of SMS Gateways around the world. It currently supports over 8 SMS Gateways internationally reaching over 5 mobile networks in bangladesh. We can usually add a new SMS Gateway in under one hour. Contact us if your preferred SMS Gateway is not currently on our list of supported Gateways.

Making: We have masking feature, You can send sms by your company name or service, like "bKash". Sender ID’s are limited to a maximum of 11 characters.

Nonmasking: Nonmasking sms send sms by a numeric number, like +8809876543219, +88044987654321, +8801876543212 etc.

Language: You can send SMS Bangla & English. bangla 70 charecters a sms & english 160 charecters.

Control Panel: We have easy & user friendly web control panel.

Message Log: A log of all sent messages is kept. Past sent messages all Contacts at a time. You can send sms total 1530 Characters Reports can be generated to view the log of past messages by date range.

Message Templates: You can create an unlimited number of Message Templates that you can insert instead of typing the same message each time. Message Templates can also contain merge fields from the Contacts database – for example “Dear <>” becomes “Dear Andrew”).

2 Way Messages/Replies: With 2 way messaging you can allow recipients to reply to messages sent from FMSMS. Replies can be retrieved manually on demand or be sent automatically to FMSMS. Replies are matched to the Contact allowing for a view of the “conversation” between you and your customer.

Dynamic SMS: Dynamic messaging is a marketing technique involving the use of keywords, information, preferences and business rules to create automated custom messages for recipients.

File support: xls, xlsx, ods, txt & CSV

Phone book: You can manage your data/number in our phone book.

Schedule SMS: We have schedule feature. Manage your schedule for send sms.

Report: We have dynamic report. search by name, number date etc.

Database: We have large category data store panels.

Panle type: We have 2 type of panel one is Client base secend is Reseller.

Campaign: Area base campaign (Area, Age, Gender, Profession, Recharge, Handset & Etc).

Extra: API & OTP etc


We have Masking and Non-masking BULK SMS service with API, OTP & Data service.

Voice Message

You can send your Voice message to your client for marketing, notification, alert & vote etc.

Data Service

We have categorized database like, club, association, businessman, guardian etc.


Coming soon Software, Apps, Logo & Banner Design, Website development etc.

A little bio

We started Our Company in September 2011, we are a part of FMTECH (IT Enable Solutions Provider). Since then we proved as 100% customer satisfactory service provide. Not just as a service provider but as a digital personal assistant our support system assists each and every client. Our Positive Points: A passionate team with incompromising network result is 100% Customer Satisfaction.